Virtual Broker winners pose with their prizes at our sales centre

The Virtual Broker program has officially drawn to a close and the last of the big winners came by our sales centre last weekend to collect their spoils.

There was a familial feel to our meet and greet this time around with winner Avery being the brother of previous winner Miriam.

“I’m the one who got Miriam into it! I asked her to help me out with it but when she found out more about it she wanted to do it herself”, he said.

Avery said that it took him only about a week or so to get up to 55 registrants, but the last 20 took a bit longer and he had to be persistent. When we asked what he was going to do with his $500 Eaton Centre voucher, he said that he was going to save it for a while and think about what to get.

His girlfriend and fellow winner Ronza had a different plan.

“I’m not too sure what I’m going to spend it on, but I know I’m going there today to get some food for sure! I’ve never had Mr. Greenjeans so I might try that out. I’m also going to get some presents”.

Ronza also got very excited when we told her that Baton Rouge was part of the Eaton centre!

Being the dutiful boyfriend that he is, Avery said he might use some of the money to buy Ronza a gift.

“I initially told Ronza that if she helped me out with registering I’d give her some of my winnings. Like with my sister, once she found out about it, she wanted to do it herself! I still might buy her something though!”.

Many thanks to Avery, Ronza, and all of our particpants for helping to make the Virtual Broker program a great success!

Backstage is opening to the public very soon, for more information click here.